Insurance Companies

Selecting the companies Dowden Agency represent is very important to us. We look for the following criteria when recommending which companies will serve you best: Financial strength, claims handling ability, payment options, appropriate coverage forms and competitive rates.

Based on our current findings, these are the companies we deal with:

Insurance Companies:
(Web links in left column)

  • Chubb Insurance Companies

  • Wright Flood

  • Liberty Mutual Group

  • Philadelphia Insurance Company

  • Progressive Insurance Group

  • Safeco Insurance Group

  • Sterling Insurance Company

  • Utica National Insurance Group

  • Deforest Group Companies:

    • Hanover Insurance​

    • The Hartford

    • Selective Insurance

    • Travelers Insurance

    • Main Streeet America Group

Insurance Company Contact Information
to manage your policy, pay your premium or report a claim:

Chubb Insurance Companies
Customer Service: Personal Insurance: 866-324-8222
Customer Service: Commercial Insurance: 800-372-4822
Claims reporting: 800-252-4670 or go to Chubb website

Wright Flood - Flood Insurance
Customer Service: Dowden Agency 845-876-4831 or company website
Claims reporting: 800-725-9472

Liberty Mutual Group (Business Insurance)
Customer Service: Dowden Agency 845-876-4831 or company website
Claims reporting: 844-325-2467

Philadelphia Insurance Company
Customer Service: 877-438-7459
Claims reporting: 800-765-9749

Progressive Insurance Group
Customer Service: 800-876-5581
Claims reporting: 800-274-4641

Safeco Insurance Group
Customer Service and claims: 800-332-3226
Roadside assistance: 8770762-3101

Sterling Insurance Company
Customer Service and Claims Reporting: 800-462-4661

Utica National Insurance
Customer Service: 800-598-8422
Claims Reporting: 800-216-1420

Deforest Group Companies:

Hanover Insurance
Customer Service: Personal Insurance: 844-708-4831
Customer Service: Business Insurance: 800-308-7143
Claims Reporting: 800-628-0250

The Hartford
Customer Service: 866-467-8730
Claim Reporting: Personal Insurance 800-423-5860
Claim Reporting: Business Insurance 800-327-3636

Selective Insurance
Customer Service: Business Insurance 877-744-3125
Claims Reporting: Business Insurance 866-455-9969

Travelers Insurance
Customer Service: Personal Insurance 877-878-2468
Customer Service: Business Insurance 888-661-3938
Claims Reporting: Personal Insurance 800-252-4633
Claims Reporting: Business Insurance 800-238-6225

Main Street America Group – National Grange
Customer Service: Personal & Business Insurance: 866-230-6981
Claims Reporting: Personal & Business Insurance: 877-425-2467

Insurance Products:

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